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Back pain in Honolulu, Hawaii, Oahu

“Tightness in the muscles,” says Anthony Ohm, “is the major cause of low back pain in Honolulu.” Up to now, finding an effective way to treat this problem has not yielded great results. If you recognize back pain in Honolulu as a muscular issue, then you will search out the treatment that best releases the muscles.  Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) reinvented how to stretch muscles. This detailed assisted stretching method gets to the root cause of low back pain.  For those visiting Waikiki, even one or two long sessions can help reduce pain from a sudden flareup. AIS is a new type of treatment for back pain in Honolulu. Anthony Ohm is the only advanced practitioner of Active Isolated Stretching in the entire state of Hawaii. Muscles get tight in the human body. That is a natural or inevitable occurrence. Muscles also act in groups to make the body function. Low back pain occurs when a group of muscles become inflexible. When muscular pressure is lifted off the frame of the body, the pain is also removed. Its a very simple theory, the newness of the approach is that Active Isolated Stretching has reinvented stretching  with new procedures to make assisted stretching more effective for treating low back pain in Honolulu. Optimal stretching needs a therapist to help open contracted muscles. When a person is suffering from months or years of low back pain, a trained expert is going to help that person stretch more effectively than he can do individually.  Anthony Ohm says, “One AIS treatment session lasting four hours, will get you more results than nine months of yoga.” Wow! AIS therapy is highly beneficial for chronic low back pain; degenerative disc, herniated disc, bulging disc; pain around the sacrum; L4, L5, S1 low back pain; sciatica; neuropathy, numbness or tingling pain in the legs, pain in the glutes (buttocks); scoliosis; low back pain due to stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s;  and many other causes of low back pain.

Back pain in Honolulu flare-ups can happen at anytime.

The worst thing for a Hawaii visitor is to have to get on a long airline flight while in midst of a back pain episode.  Active Isolated Stretching therapy has a back pain in Honolulu treatment plan that will help people immediately reduce their pain and make them better prepared for their long flight. A person that needs to get better fast will be encouraged to do a treatment session that is long in duration. A three or four hour session is not uncommon in AIS therapy. The AIS therapist goes through every muscle, one by one, to find out which muscles are causing the problem (each body has its own characteristics). AIS is a process of gentle muscle unwinding. Muscle unwinding can not be forced. Nor should it be painful.  Active Isolated Stretching is 15 times more effective than any other type of stretching.  This characteristic makes it highly beneficial for the toughest back pain in Honolulu cases.

Back pain specialist in Honolulu.

Anthony Ohm got involved in Active Isolated Stretching because he suffered from chronic low back pain for twenty years.  Anthony went to forty specialists trying to resolve his pain.  Through his many failed treatments, he knew that he was not alone in this frustrating cycle of pain and poor treatment options. He became a massage therapist, pilates instructor, gyrotonic instructor,  and a personal trainer to get inside information on back pain solutions that were not widely known to the public.  Instinctively, Anthony Ohm knew that the problem was related to muscles.  He also knew that when he finally got help for his pain that that same method would be equally beneficial for multitudes of people suffering from back pain in Honolulu. The healing process started when he met Aaron Mattes, the developer of Active Isolated Stretching therapy. Aaron Mattes holds a Masters degree in Kinesiology and he was a professor on the subject at the University of Illinois for eleven years. A Kinesiologist studies human anatomy and function of the body. Through his academic study and detailed study of cadavers, Aaron Mattes researched the key muscles that affect low back pain and the optimal ways to lengthen muscles. Muscles need to be stretched at multiple aspects, but conventional stretching is only focusing on one aspect.  Muscles contract when they are stretched for more than two seconds, then why does traditional stretching emphasize holding a stretch for thirty seconds? Aaron Mattes concluded that conventional stretching  is not effective at resolving low back pain because their procedure is faulty. Aaron Mattes then went on develop a new procedure of stretching. He named it Active Isolated Stretching. This method started in 1972 and it continues to be improved by the developer to this very day. After years of practice on the mainland,  and 1000+ hours of direct study with the developer of AIS, Anthony Ohm is now offering back pain in Honolulu treatment sessions on the island of Oahu. AIS therapy is an alternative to physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, cortisone injections, rolfing, shiatsu, and surgery. Even failed back surgery cases can be helped with AIS therapy. Residents and visitors of Hawaii now have a new alternative to treating  chronic low back pain in Honolulu. The developer, Aaron Mattes, refers to Anthony Ohm as “one of the top five AIS practitioners that he has ever trained.” To schedule an appointment call 808-927-3997.

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  1. I have been having rapid inflammation in the lower back, hip, and back of my thighs and the right calf. This first took place 6/2006, 7/2007, 11/2011, 10/2012 and now 11/2012. I need to see a specialist on this matter. My insurance is Aloha Care I need immediate attention on this matter, please.

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Anthony Ohm is a pain specialist and a sports therapist. The technique is called Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening(AIS). Treatment is available in Honolulu, Hawaii and Los Angeles, California The AIS method is highly beneficial for: disc issues, chronic physical pain, pain related to aging, arthritis, bursitis, sciatica, neuropathy, Parkinson's disease, and much much more... However you are presenting, whether you are crippled or a professional athlete, AIS treatment will put you in better physical condition than your current state.