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Bursitis cure. How to solve bursitis.

What causes bursitis? Inflammation causes bursitis. Muscular inflexibility causes inflammation. Chronic inflammation is the driving force causing bursitis. Lengthening compacted muscles to their proper length will remove inflammation. Bursitis is easy to cure if you use the right method. Active Isolated Stretching is the best cure for bursitis. By stretching each target muscle at multiple angles, Active Isolated Stretching is able to reduce inflammation in problematic joints. AIS is not well understood by physicians yet. But that does not invalidate the powerful healing affect of AIS on bursitis.

Bursitis causes

When a problematic joint is inflamed, the bursae sacs will be pushed out of their position in the joint. Bursae sacs are small floating balls that surround a joint. When the joint is healthy, the bursae sacs provide necessary lubrication. Bursitis is caused by tightness in the muscles that surround a particular joint. Bursae sacs allow joints to glide and operate smoothly. Repetitive motion, muscular inflexibility and lack of circulation are causes for bursitis. When the bursae sacs are displaced by inflammation, people will experience physical pain because the bursae sacs provide lubrication to the joint during movement.

Bursitis Cure

What is the best bursitis treatment?

By working on the muscles, Active Isolated Stretching goes straight to the root cause of bursitis. Bursitis occurs at a joint. Every joint is surrounded by muscles. When a person is suffering from bursitis, that means that the muscles that surround the joint are restricted. Therefore, the best treatment for bursitis will focus on repairing and lengthening muscles that surround the problem joint. Any joint that is affected by bursitis can benefit by AIS treatment. This includes bursitis of the hip, knee, back, elbow and shoulder. AIS therapy can cure bursitis.

Not all stretching is created equal. Conventional stretching, the type we learned in the seventh grade, or PNF stretching is not going to be effective in treating bursitis pain. An advanced practitioner of Active Isolated Stretching who will guide you through specific exercises that will cure your problem.

Bursitis Cure

If you have bursitis, then you need to know about Active Isolated Stretching treatment. You will be amazed at how quickly your bursitis problem is resolved. Treatment for bursitis is misunderstood. A person with bursitis doesn’t need years of medication to make small changes. A person with bursitis needs a few AIS sessions with an advanced therapist. And then…problem gone! AIS is a detailed form of muscle rehabilitation. The thoroughness of AIS is what makes it work. Once all the muscles in the problem joint are treated with Active Isolated Stretching, the strain and stress on the problem area will be lifted away.

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