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Corrective scoliosis treatment. Is scoliosis curable? Yes!

Despite what you may have heard, scoliosis is a repairable condition. Corrective scoliosis treatment involves Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening therapy. If left untreated, scoliosis will often get worse over time. Commonly, medical professionals state that scoliosis cannot be corrected. If a spine is able to curve in the wrong direction, with proper treatment,   scoliosis curvature can also be straightened in the right direction.  If you want to fix scoliosis, it can be done with the right method.

Effective scoliosis treatment first involves extensive manual stretching to all muscles that affect the spine. Scoliosis begins at the hip. In scoliosis cases, the hip is frequently uneven. The pelvis must be stable and even for the spine to stay straight. Upper body muscles, the neck, low back, and leg muscles all need to be stretched as a preliminary procedure. Afterwards, the spine is manually corrected. A therapist adjusts the spine in the opposite direction that it is curving. This adjustment will only be a permanent change if the person practices the assigned exercises which holds the spine in proper position. Strong muscles hold the spine in place. Weak muscles allow the spine to curve.

Corrective scoliosis treatment

Corrective scoliosis treatment is not well understood by medical professionals. Do not believe the “experts” when they tell you that nothing can be done to correct scoliosis. There are better options than implanting a Harrington Rod to hold the spine in place. Before considering such a drastic procedure, consider a method that relies on the body’s natural resources to maintain a straight spine. Aaron Mattes, kinesiologist, developed scoliosis correction procedure and has been successfully treating people for over thirty years. Scoliosis correction is part of the Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening program.

scoliosis treatment


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