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Cure for scoliosis. It’s called Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening.

Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine. Typically a health care provider will identify the curvature, notify the client that she (or he) has scoliosis. And… that’s it. No treatment.

Can scoliosis be cured?

Yes,  scoliosis can be cured. Active Isolated Stretching has a comprehensive treatment plan for scoliosis. Scoliosis treatment involves the entire body. The goal is to straighten the spine and to keep it straight. Scoliosis clients will typically have more muscular rigidity on one side of the body than the other half. This unequal flexibility originates at the hip and it can also show at the shoulder, neck, and even at the foot.

My doctor says that scoliosis is uncurable?

Active Isolated Stretching treatment is not well known among physicians and surgeons. Just as the spine bends in scoliosis cases, the spine can also straighten if the right treatment is applied. Scoliosis occurs from muscle imbalance and muscle weakness in the back and core muscles. The first step is to even out the muscle imbalances. Afterwards, a process of strength training must be practiced.

scoliosis treatment

Typically, physicians and surgeons are less interested in finding a cure for scoliosis unless that cure is coming from their methods and practices. It is up to the individual to seek to seek out best treatment practices irregardless of which system it is coming from. 

How can scoliosis be treated?
Scoliosis treatment begins with muscle lengthening of the entire body, particularly at the pelvis because that is where the spinal curvature begins. This process is a type of muscular unwinding. Muscles control the position of the spinal column. As the inflexible side of a scoliosis client unwinds, the spine is able to straighten its lateral curvature.

Active Isolated Stretching will cure my scoliosis, that’s it?

Maintaining the straightened spine is enforced through the strengthening aspect of the Mattes Method. Therefore the scoliosis process is two fold. First lengthen all the muscles that cause the lateral curvature. Then maintain the proper position through a process of strength work.

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  1. What exercises should you do to treat it. I have the mattes book coming and his CD for the whole body. I am also doing your upper body AIS.

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