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Golf stretching. Improve your golf swing thru Active Isolated Stretching

Those seeking to improve their golf swing need to know about Active Isolated Stretching. The best golf swing tip is improving flexibility in your body. By increasing flexibility in your body, you increase range of motion in your rotation. Greater range of motion in your rotation leads to more power in your golf swing.

AIS therapy is a reinvention of the stretching process. The procedures have been changed to get optimal muscle lengthening. Pro golfers already know about the performance benefits that AIS training can bring for to their sport. Professionals that use AIS techniques include: Arnold Palmer, Fred Couples, and VJ Singh. Whatever level you are at in golf, AIS flexibility training will improve your game.

AIS therapy involves a therapist helping the golfer to stretch. Results are magnified with the help of a trained stretching coach. Getting more rotation is an entire body process. Head to toe muscles are involved in the perfect swing and AIS protocol improves muscle length in the entire body. The low back and the hip rotator muscles will be opened like you have never experienced!

Active Isolated Stretching is an essential part of golf fitness. It should be started before major tournaments. Golfers can play golf immediately after an AIS session. And golfers will feel immediate changes to their rotation and added power in their drive. “Everything glides better in my swing,” says David K. an avid golfer, “I play with greater ease and I don’t experience stiffness during the game. I played better in my last tournament and I know that AIS is part of the reason.”

Those seeking a comprehensive system for golf stretching exercises will be interested in Active Isolated Stretching. Golfers schedule one-to-one appointment sessions with an assisted stretching coach and they also learn self-applied stretching exercises that can be done on their own before a game.

Results of Active Isolated Stretching are long term. Treatment sessions unwind knotted muscles that are interfering in a golfer’s rotation. Furthermore, golfers learn to hold their improved posture with AIS strengthening exercises. Once the body is reshaped thru assisted stretching, then the golfer rebuilds the muscles with strengthening exercises geared towards golf performance.

Golf Swing

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2 Responses to Golf stretching. Improve your golf swing thru Active Isolated Stretching

  1. Hi Kevin,
    I am glad that you found AIS therapy and that it is working so well for your practice.
    In regards to the negative comments written on the flat back syndrome article page, I think we have to keep in mind that people have become very skeptical to “good news” when they hear it. They’ve been burned too many times and maybe that anger was a consequence of lingering chronic pain after following reputable treatment plans. Comments like yours are important as they add another person’s view that confirms that AIS is the real deal.
    Keep in contact.


  2. Hello Anthony,

    I am a Chartered Physiotherapist working private practice in Ireland for the last 19 years (frightning where did the time go). I have tried lots of different treatment applictions including spinal maipulation, electrotherapy, myofascial release. I went on a course of active isolated stretching with arron last October. Ais has now transformed the way I work and the results I’m getting are amazing.

    I was interested to see the the way a reader of your article on flat back syndrome responded.

    All I can say is she either has an ego and has her head in the sand and/or vested interests in less labour intensive ways of extracting money out of her lambs.

    Keep up the good work enjoyed reading all your blogs, and your videos on the beach are Cooool !

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Anthony Ohm is a pain specialist and a sports therapist. The technique is called Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening(AIS). Treatment is available in Honolulu, Hawaii and Los Angeles, California The AIS method is highly beneficial for: disc issues, chronic physical pain, pain related to aging, arthritis, bursitis, sciatica, neuropathy, Parkinson's disease, and much much more... However you are presenting, whether you are crippled or a professional athlete, AIS treatment will put you in better physical condition than your current state.