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Tips for low back pain.

low back painTips for low back pain. Focus should be on decreasing inflammation.

• drink 1 or 2 ounce shots of ginger juice. This is the vegetable juice version of drinking shots of whiskey. Be careful, its not easy to put it down. But within 10 seconds of downing it, you will feel better. It naturally decreases inflammation in your body. And it helps prevent grey hairs.

• When swimming, focus on backstroke. Backstroke will get your shoulders back. Everything we do in life causes our shoulders to go forward. Getting the shoulders back will take pressure off the low back. Conversely, if you have low back pain, don’t spend a lot of time doing freestyle. This will further forward leaning shoulders and thereby add to your back pain.

• Avoid sleeping on your side or your stomach. Sleeping on your side will cause you to push your shoulder into the socket. Shoulder tightness affects neck mobility; and neck mobility causes more stiffness in the low back. The neck and back are in the same column. One affects the other. You can sleep on your stomach safely if you sleep on a body mold insert. The name of the product is the Bodycushion.  Place it on top of your bed. Sleep on it and your neck and back will be in correct alignment. Visit

Otherwise sleeping on your back with your legs and ankles elevated is very good for the low back. Put two pillows underneath each knee and ankle (the long way).

• Take a bath with apple cider vinegar and epsom salt. When I did this (I no longer need it) I would put one gallon of apple cider vinegar and at least two quarts of salt. But one quart of each is probably enough for most people. Soak for thirty minutes with hot water. It gets your tub really clean too.

• Walk barefoot on the beach. And rest on the beach with an organic material, like cotton or straw, underneath you. Most people are electron deprived, electrons are strongest where the sand meets the surf. Being recharged with electrons will decrease inflammation in your body. Laying on the beach and walking barefoot on the sand will also reset your circadian rhythmn and help with sleeping problems. Its even okay to nap on the beach during the day. You will still sleep well that night. When walking on the beach try to walk on the flat part to prevent an imbalance to your hips.

• Most importantly, get therapeutic stretching treatment from Anthony Ohm in Honolulu, Hawaii, Oahu.
Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) from a trained therapist will manually pull apart the shortened muscles that are causing you back pain. Of all low back pain exercises, getting AIS treatment is of highest priority.

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4 Responses to Tips for low back pain.

  1. My wife has been experiencing back pains for a few weeks now and isn’t sure what to do to fix it. I like that you recommend avoiding sleeping on your side or stomach because it pushes your shoulders into their sockets. I’ll have to try telling her to sleep on her back and see if it helps. Thanks for sharing!

  2. For acute lower back pain, activity is the best medicine. Simple exercises like walking and jogging can be very helpful if the stride isn’t causing pain. A sitting or laying posture can often create pressure if your body stays in those positions for extended periods. Just stay away from lifting weights and other strenuous activities for your back.

  3. Wow those stretches look so relieving and therapeutic. I live by myself. I have been diagnosed with F.A.I. in the hips , maybe have a myofacial tear or some kind, and have been diagnosed with a l5 s1 herniation. I just had the disk looked at yesterday on an mri by a Neuro. He said it was not serious but stressed so repeatedly that if anything buys time against further degeneration that it will be targeted p.t. exercises and stretches. he stated drugs and surgery are not necessary. I have not been diagnosed with a myofacial tear but suspect it is torn because it hurts to sit and hurts sometime in one spot. I sustained a karate injury in that area while stretching 20 years ago. When Im walking though im fine. Im 41 and in good shape, a little bit heavy at 6’1, 205 pounds. I have quit running on concrete and removed all the rigid upright chairs from my house. I swim 3 times a week and will restart my p90x workout program soon. Recently had another flare up that lasted a week. I have been using hot/cold packs 20 minutes on and off.and taking ibuprofen. Ive been drinking lots of water too.
    1)Do you have web links for a set of self stretches and self exercises that I can study up on before my first P.T. visit next week. Sometimes these pt specialist are good and sometimes they are not.
    2)Also I need some career advice related to my conditions. I currently am trying to become a police officer. Do you know who could assess this career ambition for practicality as it relates to my condition. I dont want to work for corporations again and I sure dont enjoy sitting long hours anymore because of the myofacial sitting pain. These pains and flare ups are usually temporary and not constant. They happen about once every 10 to 13 months. I have had 4 flare ups total, each with lesser intensity.
    Do you also have any information web links on life style changes to make such as dieting, food for arthritis, shoe inserts, sleeping configurations and the like.
    I will spend alot of time today researching your entire website. I just wanted to ask if there were stretches that I should avoid and lifestyle changes to make based on all 3 of the the said conditions that I have, not just the specific individual ones.

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