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Migraine Headache Specialist Honolulu, Hawaii, Oahu

The new migraine headache specialist Honolulu is now available on the island of Oahu. Migraines are poorly treated because they are misunderstood. Migraine headaches are a muscular problem. The best solution will address and correct rigidity in upper body muscles. When a person experiences hardening in certain upper body muscles, referred pain signals are sent to the head region, resulting in migraine headaches.  Migraine headaches can be associated with neck muscle stiffness. And migraine headaches can be correlated with muscle tightness in the chest muscles.

This  new form of migraine headache specialist Honolulu is called Active Isolated Stretching therapy (AIS) .  AIS offers a detailed way of lengthening every muscle that contributes to migraine headache pain.  In the AIS process, each muscle that is involved in migraine pain is lengthened completely. It is this process of pulling out the knots in the muscles that resolves migraine pain. Other types of massage therapy are also trying to pull out the knots that are causing migraine headaches, but AIS does this process most effectively. AIS treatment isolates and rehabilitates each muscle, one by one,  that is involved in the migraine pain syndrome

There is no one single muscle that causes migraine headaches. It is caused by a series of muscles that work in a chain link system. The chain link pattern can be different muscles for different people. During the first treatment session, the AIS migraine headache specialist  goes through the entire possibility of muscles that could be causing migraines for that specific person.

One scenario:  the migraine sufferer is tight in the chest muscles (pectoral muscles). This scenario is quite common and unrecognized as a source of migraine headache pain. Closely associated with the chest muscles are the sternocleidomastoid (scm) neck muscles. The sternocleidomastoid neck muscles lies toward the front of the neck. The sternocleidomastoid (scm) muscle attaches to the jaw line (the mastoid process) at one end and the chest bone (the sternum) at the other end. Tight chest muscles contribute to the sternocleidomastoid muscle being tight, because the two muscles are linked together. Which is why, a tight sternocleidomastoid may never fully release just by massaging the neck muscles solely. The muscles that attach to or surround the sternocleidomastoid also have to be addressed.

A person with tight pectoral (chest) muscles and  tight sternocleidomastoid muscles are now experiencing a muscle imbalance from the front of the body that creates stress on the muscles at the back of the neck. The muscles in the back of the neck being strained are called the trapezius muscles. Commonly, people suffering from migraine headaches will also point to the back of their neck (towards the trapezius muscles and the occiput area) and indicate that area as an additional source of aggravation to their migraines. The trapezius muscle (in the back of the neck) is overloaded because the chest muscles and the sternocleidomastoid muscles (in the front of the upper body) are shortened causing the muscles in the back of the neck and head to be stressed and strained. These occurrences of muscle dysfunction send signals of pain to the head region. These pain signals can be felt in numerous areas of the head, face, eye, neck, or jaw.

The perspective from the new migraine headache specialist Honolulu is unique to Active Isolated Stretching. There is one advanced practitioner in the state of Hawaii that practices the AIS method for migraine headaches. AIS developed a highly detailed system of unwinding each target muscle within the chain-link system that causes migraine headaches.  The AIS approach to migraine headaches doesn’t involve any medications, injections, pills, or surgery. The AIS view of migraines is that it is connected to muscle inflammation.  AIS is superior to other migraine treatment strategies because it created its own unique method of lengthening muscles. The migraine problem lies within the skeletal muscle system. The solution is practiced in the AIS form of muscle rehabilitation.

Migraine Headache Specialist Honolulu

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