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Neck Pain in Honolulu, Hawaii, Oahu Treatment

A new approach to treating neck pain in Honolulu examines how the neck muscles and the upper torso muscles work together in creating or solving  chronic neck pain. Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening (AIS) technique is now available for stubborn neck pain in Honolulu cases. Neck pain specialists commonly examine the neck muscles as the source of chronic neck pain, but rarely do they look at the muscles of the upper torso as a causal factor for chronic neck pain in Honolulu.

Each neck pain in Honolulu case has different key muscles causing the problem. Here are three possible scenarios:

Scenario one:  client has chronic neck pain caused by severe tension in the neck muscles.

Scenario two: client has minimal tension in the neck muscles but severe tension in the chest, shoulders, upper arms, and upper back muscles, the upper torso muscles.

Scenario three: client has excessive muscular tension in both areas – the neck muscles and the upper torso muscles.

Scenario two may be undetected by conventional pain specialists treating neck pain in Honolulu. Has the pain specialist done a range of motion test for the chest, triceps, biceps, deltoids, and rhomboids? Frequently, pain specialists ignore these areas when a client presents with severe neck pain.  The third scenario can also be discouraging for clients because they feel like treatment is helping, but something is still nagging at their neck. The client may feel better immediately after seeing their neck pain specialist but the pain creeps back after a few days because all the muscles surrounding the neck have not been lengthened. The second and third scenarios represent chronic neck pain in Honolulu cases where conventional treatment is not succeeding.  AIS therapy often succeeds at curing chronic neck pain where other treatments have failed because AIS therapy is looking at the causal factors from a completely new perspective.

The best process for solving neck pain in Honolulu

In all neck pain cases, the upper torso muscles must be lengthened before lengthening the neck muscles. This is a major tenet of Active Isolated Stretching technique. The neck extends into the middle of the back. Therefore the upper torso muscles support (or inhibit) neck function. Unrecognized by many who treat neck pain in Honolulu, key muscles to treat are:  the pectorals, deltoids, triceps, biceps, and rhomboids; also known as the muscles of  the chest, the shoulders, the upper arms, and the upper back. Anatomically, the neck goes deep into the mid-back. If the upper torso muscles are tight, then they can grip the neck muscles and prevent the neck from full range of motion. Remember the neck is surrounded by the upper torso muscles. If you want to free your neck, then you’ve got to release the muscles that surround the neck. These muscles are the upper torso muscles.

Neck pain specialists usually do not consider the role of the upper torso muscles as being a main cause of chronic neck pain in Honolulu. But excessive tension in the upper torso muscles is further pulling the neck muscles out of balance.  The upper torso muscles connect to the neck muscles. Therefore, releasing the shortness in the upper torso muscles is an integral part of resolving chronic neck pain. Frequently people go from specialist to specialist and feel that their neck pain is not going away. Examining neck pain with the AIS approach is analogous to viewing the entirety of a tree. The tree extends upwards from its base, but below the base are the roots of the tree. Similarly, the roots of the neck extend deep below the neckline. Active Isolated Stretching has a different approach to solving neck pain in Honolulu. AIS is different than physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, Thai massage, pnf stretching, rolfing, and deep tissue massage. If you have unresolved neck pain in Honolulu,  consider AIS therapy as a way of avoiding neck surgery.




neck pain in honolulu


neck pain in honolulu





neck pain in honolulu                                                                                                                                                                               neck pain in honoluluneck pain in honolulu

Neck pain in Honolulu

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