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Neuropathy pain – remove muscular inflammation to resolve nerve pain.

Neuropathy or nerve pain occurs when inflamed muscles press into the nerve fibers. Muscles either lie on top of nerves or nerves pass through muscles.  Neuropathy pain can be released when the problematic muscles are released. Releasing or lengthening problematic muscles can be greatly facilitated by a trained stretching coach, a specialist that helps a person to stretch. Neuropathy pain occurs in the extremities: leg, ankle, foot, hand, or arm. Regardless of the area where neuropathy occurs, neuropathy can be solved without surgery by using a rehabilitation method called Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening.

Sciatica is neuropathy in the low back or hip region

If you have numbness in your leg or foot, then it is likely that you have excessive tightness in the hip, low back region. Tight muscles in the low back region can exert pressure onto the sciatic nerve that then causes pain, numbness, or itching in the leg, foot, or ankle. If you have numbness in your hand or arm, then this will be caused by muscular tightness in your upper body region – the shoulders, chest, arms, and neck area. Removing the muscular tightness will remove the neuropathy!

Neuropathy Pain Treatment

The root cause of neuropathy pain

Active Isolated Stretching works for neuropathy and nerve pain because it treats the root cause: muscular inflexibility. An advanced practitioner will guide a client through a series of movements. The therapist will help the client stretch further than that person can achieve on their own. Instead of holding the stretch for one long time, the trained specialist will only hold the stretch for two seconds and do repetitions of each stretch. Repetitions will open the target muscle more than one long hold. Additionally, the problem area must be lengthened from multiple angles. These points are not fully understood by other neuropathy specialists, including physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, rolfers, physical therapists, and massage therapists.

How can something so simple as stretching solve neuropathy?

If therapeutic stretching is so effective for treating neuropathy then leads the question: How can something so simple as stretching solve my neuropathy pain? The answer lies in the diligent research that the founder of Active Isolated Stretching underwent to develop the AIS method. The majority of physical pain conditions are caused by muscular inflexibility. Aaron Mattes, a kinesiologist, found that conventional stretching was ineffective in lengthening muscles. Using conventional stretch methods, a muscle will open and close quickly because the technique is faulty. Through his academic study and dissection of cadavers, Aaron Mattes identified a new way to open target muscles. Because the Mattes method is so effective at muscle lengthening it can be applied to neuropathy without using pills, injections, or dangerous surgical procedures.

Muscles and nerves run together in parallel fashion. Excessive muscular tension is the cause of nerve pain. And removing muscular tightness (thoroughly, in a detailed method) will remove nerve pain. Its a very simple concept. But it is a concept that is yet to be recognized by the majority public. Surgery is another method for treating neuropathy, and if you do any research you will find that the results are unpredictable. Undergoing surgical procedure involves shaving or fusing discs in the vertebral column. Those discs are there for a reason and altering them should not be taken lightly. The Active Isolated Stretching exercise involves working with a therapist that facilitates movement and flexibility. Through the AIS method,  as you increase your range of motion, your neuropathy will decrease to the point of elimination.

Elongate your muscles and you will decrease inflammation in your body. The pressure on your nerves will be naturally lifted away. Use the AIS method to solve neuropathy. Other methods of stretching will fail because they are not specific enough.

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7 Responses to Neuropathy pain – remove muscular inflammation to resolve nerve pain.

  1. Hi,
    I have a healthy spine and blood. Can the neuropathy in my feet be caused by inflammation in my fascia: either in my calf, I.T. band or glutes?

    Can adding pressure with a foam roller help heal the knots along these areas?

    • Hi Jeffery Johnson,
      Neuropathy in caused by inflammation in the muscles and fascia that surround the hip muscles; particularly the deep six muscles, also known as the hip rotators.
      The exercises in my lower body and upper body paid videos will help with this issue. You want to improve the mobility of the muscles that surround your spine: both the cervical and lumbar regions.
      As you do the exercises, take notice of where you are more restricted. Usually its a series of muscles, not just one or two. Some of the primary players in the problem: chest, shoulders, neck, psoas, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, I.T. band

  2. Hello, I have C3, C4, C5, C6, C7 herniated discs since November. I was very active. I had a mri and now on my second shot. It seems like nothing is helping my arm, shoulder, and back. I am in pain 24-7. Now last few days my hips and my legs feel weird . I just seen this about AIS. I will do anything. Is there a video to buy or anything? Please let me know

    • Hi Jeff,
      I understand that you are having great difficulties with pain in your cervical region of C3 thru C7. The conventional medical approach to these cervical neck issues has not been very successful. Physicians have become too reliant on injections, anti-inflammatory medication, and surgery. AIS offers a different way of addressing chronic cervical pain by focusing on the muscles that surround the affected area. The cervical discs are affected by the muscles that surround the neck region.
      I do have two videos available for purchase. Please follow the instructions on the video. As I point out on the video certain exercises which should be done with caution when a person has a herniated cervical herniated disc.

  3. I’ve been diagnosed with bilateral Tarsal Tunnel and had an Nerve Conductive Study or NCS/EMG which found moderate, bilateral Tarsal Tunnel. A Pressure Specified Sensory Device (PSSD) test was conducted and indicated “injury to the L5 nerve roots” and also “injury at he L4/L5 disk level or L4 or L5 nerve roots”. I recently had a doctor visit where the foot doctor believes my problem with my feet to be mostly related to the back (L4/L5/S1) and he wants me to see a spine specialist. I do have some back pain when I wake up in the morning but it goes away after 30 minutes or so. I do have major burning pain in the arches of both feet when I take more than 4000 steps in a day or have spent considerable time standing. Do you think your Active Isolated Stretching techniques would benefit me?

  4. I have chronic Chest breastbone and rib pain. can stretching help this? If so, what type of therapist should I see? Thanks!

    • Anthony Ohm wrote:

      Hi Kathy,

      Yes, this could be the solution you are looking for. You need to find a practitioner of Active Isolated Stretching. Its unlike any other form of stretching.

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