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Pain between the shoulder blades prevalent among women with large breasts

Pain between the shoulder blades Pain between the shoulder blades is common among women with large breasts. Large breasts are similar to hanging a five pound weight around the neck.  Wearing a five pound necklace continuously for multiple years will strain the neck and upper back muscles. The weight of large female breasts pull a woman’s upper body out of proper posture. Holding up the breast muscles are the upper back muscles. Women with  pain between the shoulder blades are pointing to the rhomboid muscles, which uphold the breasts. When a woman has large breasts and weakness in the upper back muscles, that person is susceptible to chronic pain in the neck, pain between the shoulder blades, and a host of upper body ailments.

The best posture for the neck is for shoulders to be back. From a sideways view, the ear and the shoulder should be in a vertical line. Over time large breasts pull a woman’s shoulders forward and down. As the shoulders lurch forward, the head follows in the same direction. For every inch that the head lurches ahead of the shoulders (from a sideways view), this doubles the strain on the neck muscles.

Typical scenario for having pain between the shoulder blades

If a woman has large breasts, that constant weight pulls her shoulders and head forward.  As women age, the breast tissue generally becomes heavier, this exaggerates the initial problem. If she works at the computer every day, then her head may lean towards the screen for several hours everyday.  If she uses a laptop computer, this will cause more forward lean of the head than a desktop computer because the screen is smaller. So a woman with large breasts will commonly experience increased pain between the shoulder blades through aging and work related activities.

The solution first involves lengthening all the upper body muscles with Active Isolated Stretching techniques, afterwards a routine of strength training most be implemented. A woman with pain between the shoulder blades has knots in the rhomboid muscles. These knots need to be pulled out first. Massage may feel good temporarily but it will not lengthen the rhomboid muscles enough to achieve a lasting effect. Following the flexibility training, the woman needs to rebuild her upper back muscles because the rhomboid muscles need to be strong to hold up the weight of the breasts.

The conventional approach in physical therapy is to strengthen the upper body muscles. And this is absolutely necessary. But that is not the first line of approach. Pain between the shoulder blades has accumulated over years and years of wearing the five pound necklace.  The neck muscles have been strained. Muscular adhesions have developed. So first lengthen the muscles to their proper form. Then rebuild the upper body muscles with strength training.


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