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Arthritis: joint inflammation and cartilage deterioration.

The main goal in arthritis joint pain treatment is to reduce inflammation in problem joints and create an atmosphere for the body to repair its own cartilage deterioration. Arthritis joint pain is caused by inflammation. The way to reduce inflammation is to lengthen all the muscles that attach to or surround the arthritic joint. People with arthritis have stiff muscles. This is not just a symptom, it is a cause that makes the arthritis worsen. As arthritis conditions worsen, one affect is that cartilage deteriorates. Cartilage is padding between joints. A person that loses cartilage will experience more pain during movement. However, cartilage deterioration is reversible. Healing of cartilage can occur if all unnecessary muscular tension is removed. When this process occurs, it creates a sensation of floating in the body. How wonderful is that? Rather than feeling creaky, stiff, and cranky. Your problem area feels as if it is floating in the structure. Joints typically affected by arthritis are: knee, neck, shoulder, low back, hip, spine, hand or thumb, foot or toe. Regardless of the joint, the best arthritis treatment is Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) therapy.

Arthritis: joint inflammation

The cause of arthritis joint pain

When dealing with arthritis you have to address muscular inflexibility. Regardless whether the arthritis is osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, muscular inflexibility is always a principle factor of joint inflammation and cartilage deterioration: two conditions that cause pain in arthritis sufferers. Arthritis is inflammation around the joint. Inflammation causes swelling, which causes pain by pressing on the nerves. Additionally, inflexibility in muscles strains the arthritic joint to the point in which it wears down cartilage. Cartilage is the cushion between joints. In osteoarthritis, inflexibility may have occurred through aging, repetitive motion, or trauma. Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers have developed joint inflammation as a consequence of their disease. Rheumatoid arthritis clients are still affected by muscular inflexibility negatively impacting the joints.  High value treatment for all types of arthritis joint pain is optimal muscle lengthening.

How will stretching help arthritis? 

Guided therapeutic movement exercises in Active Isolated Stretching adds natural lubrication to the joint. As the muscles surrounding the problem joint are lengthened, stress is taken off the joint and the joint will glide more easily.

Leon Sokoloff, M.D. did research into cartilage regeneration. His research is outlined in the book Healing Joint Pain Naturally by Ellen Hodgson Brown. Dr. Sokoloff concluded that new cartilage could grow on bones but the real problem is the stress on the joint that keeps intervening and preventing this process (page 22). Had Dr. Sokoloff experienced Active Isolated Stretching, he would have discovered the critical link that helps arthritis sufferers with their loss of cartilage. The stress on the joint that interferes and prevents cartilage regeneration is excessive muscular tension.

Through AIS treatment: new blood is refreshed into the problem area; waste products move out of the arthritic joint; oxygen and nutrition move into the arthritic joint. This process improves the condition of cells surrounding the arthritic joint.

Why will Active Isolated Stretching help my arthritis when other forms of stretching have not helped my arthritis pain?

Other forms of bodywork cannot duplicate the healing process created by Active Isolated Stretching. The developer of AIS therapy created the optimal flexibility training program. It is a complete revision of the stretching process. AIS assisted stretching treatment is the kick-start that begins the process of healing and recovery.  Along with a inflammation free diet, arthritis joint pain sufferers can receive major benefit by employing Active Isolated Stretching therapy. AIS therapy is an alternative to physical therapy, pills, cortisone injections, and surgery. If you have arthritis joint pain, find an advanced practitioner of Active Isolated Stretching. AIS therapy involves one-to-one treatment between client and therapist. The therapist takes the client through an series of guided movement exercises that is highly beneficial for arthritis joint pain and dysfunction.

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