Active Isolated Stretching Seminars

Seminars in Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening are taught by the developer of AIS, Aaron Mattes.

The next introductory seminar will be: 1/25/2018 – 1/28/2018

The next advanced seminar will be:  To be announced

(You must have attended one introductory AIS seminar to attend the advanced seminar).

All Active Isolated Stretching seminars taught by Aaron Mattes are being held near his hometown of Sarasota, Florida. The best way to learn AIS is by studying directly with the developer. This opportunity to study with Aaron Mattes is only for a limited time. He is planning to retire soon.

Location:  Courtyard by Marriott.  

               8305 Tourist Center Drive

               University Park, Florida 34201

               Hotel Phone:  941-360-2626 

Travel by air: arrive at Sarasota Airport.



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3 Responses to Active Isolated Stretching Seminars

  1. Hi Jackie S.,
    Many times people who are suffering from chronic hip pain have been high level athletes. It could be a wide variety of sports. The constant strains and stresses of athletic performance can cause a shortening of numerous muscles in the hip region. It’s very possible that your obturator internus muscle needs lengthening. The psoas and the piriformis muscles need to be checked for range of motion. There’s a multitude of muscles that may have become shortened from previous athletic activity. The key is to get the proper treatment to unwind these shortened muscles. And AIS treatment is a great place to get all these muscles examined and lengthened.
    I like your approach of wanting to take AIS seminars to learn more about this technique and see if it will help you. That’s what I did too. When you take a seminar, there’s a good possibility of finding the right practitioner to work on your issues.

  2. Would your seminar be recognized for continuing education for Physical Therapy? You see, I am asking as I am a Physical Therapist, my hip hurts, I think it is related to deep hip muscles. Quite possibly Obturator Internus and conventional stretching has not helped at this time. So, AIS has peaked my interest as I am reading about it for the first time. I am a Master Martial Artist which means I perform movement as an athlete beyond the norm for most people. Therefore, I have several aspects that would interest me in finding out more about your possible solutions. Thank you.