Jerome C., Los Angeles, CA

A few sessions working with Anthony six months ago has made a tremendous difference in my well-being and my ability to enjoy life.  The active isolated stretching routine he taught me is an effective, practical method for targeting and unraveling pain that previously seemed beyond reach.

Several years ago a minor automobile accident conspired with a mild case of congenital scoliosis to set in motion a vicious cycle of deep muscle aches that inhabit much of the right side of my body.  The pain is relatively low-grade but can be maddeningly constant, and for nearly two decades I've sought relief through both conventional and less conventional channels:  orthopedists, neurologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, physical therapists, massage therapists, etc.

Although some of these treatments offer short term relief, nothing has proven to be as therapeutic and reliable as AIS.  The technique itself is situated somewhere between physical therapy and yoga, and after my first session with Anthony I felt as though I'd had an intense massage that had somehow managed to reach far deeper into my bones and musculature and to more effectively target the intersections of pain than anything I'd ever experienced before

The treatments are pricey, and there weren't covered by my insurance, but it was definitely a worthwhile investment because Anthony isn't giving you a fish, he's teaching you how to fish.  If you're interested in knowing more about AIS, there are plenty of YouTube videos out there, and some of them have helped me to build on and refine the routines that Anthony taught me.    But I highly recommend working with a qualified AIS practitioner in the beginning who can coach you on the right technique and who can help you deal with the intoxicating wooziness that accompanies the release of deeply held pain.

C. C., Los Angeles, CA

A PROGRAM THAT ABSOLUTELY PROVIDES RESULTS. I was highly skeptical being disappointed by many "therapists" promising one thing and providing little or no results. As an aspiring professional golfer and former division I athlete, range of motion and flexibility are absolutely crucial for not only athletics but quality of life. As an individual with extremely stiff muscles I thought that having excellent range of motion was only for gymnasts, ballerinas, and ice skaters. Boy, was I wrong. Anthony immediately opened up a number of muscles that had been stiff on me my entire life and it felt as if a 1,000 lb gorilla had been lifted off of my back. It not only made it easy to move by took away a ton of stress from my body. After working with Anthony areas that had felt locked up forever moved with the greatest of ease. I went from barely being able to touch my toes without extreme pain to palming the floor and nearly doing the splits. AIS absolutely works and Anthony absolutely knows how to maximize its capabilities. Anthony is beyond detailed oriented with your body, an extremely hard worker, and an individual of integrity that cares about his clients. I would highly recommend obtaining one of his videos on his website and seeing him in person. No one should ever have to go through life with a stiff body when Anthony is out there actually getting incredible results. Anthony's program is worth every penny!


I had a continuing issue with back problems. I love to run to get in shape, but each time I started to run, my back would go out. Enter Anthony Ohm. Anthony's stretching expertise helped me get over the back issues. I can run now with no back problems. Quite a feat, given that no one else could help me (despite their promises). By the way, I'm 67, so don't  let yourself think that age is the problem. Age is just a number. When you handle your tight muscles, things get better. I'm sure Anthony can help you with whatever issues you are experiencing.  For body problems, Anthony is the go-to man. Highly recommended!

Han K., Mountain View, CA

Anthony Ohm helped me when he visited California a few years ago. I had bursistis and a stiff back from years of working on a computer and not getting enough exercise. When the session started I could barely do even mildest stretches. Anthony massaged some of my muscles and kneaded some others for about 20 minutes. Near the end of the session I was amazed that the same stretches that hurt so much were doable! I followed Anthony's suggestions and began exercising.

Anthony definitely knows what he is doing, and whatever stretching he is doing, it did work for me!

Ruth A., Santa Barbara, CA

I had a long session with Anthony last week. He is the best!

I was apprehensive about the session, both in duration and how intense it would be. It turned out to be a totally pleasant, useful, informative time. Anthony never pushed inappropriately, but always worked within my body's limits and was attentive to my feedback. I had a lot of "ooh it hurts so good" moments: stretches that informed me how tight I was, but felt heavenly to be opened and released. Many times I felt that my body was thirsty for this work - it was as if I had been starving for years and was finally getting nourishment. And it was just lovely to be outdoors in the sun, breeze, grass..... what a total treat!

It is now almost a week after our session, and I had proof of it's effectiveness today when I took an advanced pilates mat class and had none of my usual glitches and movement obstructions!

Heather H., Newport Beach, CA

Anthony is a master in his field. I first began receiving his treatments about 3 1/2 yrs ago. At the time my Rheumatoid Arthritis was acting up ... After each session, my joints felt looser and I was able to function with greater ease. Anthony knew to take it slow with me and listened to my concerns. My body felt a sense of balance that it hadn't for years and my pain began to subside. I would definitely recommend advanced stretching therapy to anyone looking to improve their mobility and well-being!

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