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DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression Reviews

The DRX 9000 spinal decompression machine claims that it can cure chronic neck and back pain. I suffered from chronic low back pain and neck pain. I tried DRX 9000 spinal decompression treatment. In total, I did about 16 sessions. As a practicing massage therapist and personal trainer, I attended a workshop and met some other health practitioners who spoke about it.
These are my findings.
The DRX 9000 is a form of traction; an outgrowth of the inversion table. Instead of hanging upside down, you are put in a downward angle and the machine gently pulls you apart in one position: a straight up and down traction pull.
I did numerous sessions on the DRX 9000 and it came highly touted. It only pulls the client in one position. Look at any anatomy book and you will see that few muscles attach straight up and down. If they did, then hanging from a bar would cure all neck and back ailments. “Spinal Decompression” is an excellent marketing term. Unfortunately, the DRX 9000 does not do justice to the term.

I attended a four day lecture in San Diego. The topic was the Rossiter system. A modality in which a client stretches against applied pressure. In the workshop, there were three people from an office in San Bernadino, California. They spoke highly about the DRX 9000 and stated that they saw many people make great recoveries from back and neck pain using the machine.
They were students at the workshop. And the workshop was not addressing the DRX 9000 machine. I think the San Bernadino people were genuine when they said that they witnessed many recoveries from the device.
Personally, I don’t think that using spinal decompression is an efficient use of therapeutic dollars. I’ve heard a few people say otherwise.
The machine itself is very expensive to purchase. Chiropractors are the biggest user group.
The chiropractor will sell the client on a series of sessions. The client comes into the office and is strapped into the machine and stays in the device for about twenty minutes.
Further treatment may include heat packs, electrical stimulation, and chiropractic adjustments.
Traction is good. But it alone is not good enough to solve back and neck pain. When I was pitched for the DRX 9000 it was presented as this revolutionary device that elicits major structural changes. Promoters of the DRX 9000 can counter that it is just an addition to their effective procedure which includes standard chiropractic care. Once I started to move from the DRX 9000 to the heat packs, electric stimulation, and chiropractic adjustments, I started to have my doubts. This was supposed to be something revolutionary? But its turning out to be same old same old.
The DRX 9000 was part of my journey of getting free of back pain. It was another chiropractor, physical therapist, physician, that claimed that they had the magical elixir. They built it up, and tried to sell it. The great thing for the chiropractor is if they can sell a series to a client, its passive income. The client just lays on the machine table and the chiropractor does nothing.
If it worked, it would be great for everybody.
For some people it may work.
I do not endorse it.
Too many muscles are involved in causing neck or back pain. A few of them run in the directional line that the spinal decompression machine is pulling the client. But at best, its only affecting ten percent of the muscles that are causing the problem.
If it works for you, fantastic!
If it doesn’t work, don’t conclude that you have tried everything possible and now you must elect for surgery or opioid pain killers.
The process of finding the right modality to cure physical pain is filled with many disappointments before finding the therapy that truly works.
Keep an open mind. Explore your options. Finding the right technique may be just within your grasp.

DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression

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13 Responses to DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression Reviews

  1. Obviously, I meant to say “lumbar disc”. I did do exercises after each treatment to address the supporting soft tissue. The regimen healed my injured disc, and has not returned in many years.

  2. It worked beautifully for me. I had a completely extruded lumber disc, an with the second treatment, I could feel it slide back in. During the following treatments, it healed completely. I had an MRI before, and after the treatments, and what I say is true. It may not work for everyone, but it was a true godsend for me.

  3. Anthony, I agree that muscles need to be addressed but more often then not muscles don’t like being stretched. Sure, you can address symptoms this way but the underlying problem will persist. If you’ve studied anatomy then you know muscles are just pawns – they do what they are told. If there is nerve root irritation or spinal nerve compression stretching alone will not give long term relief. The nerve must be unloaded for muscle function to return to normal. If it is a minor or temporary trauma/irritation AIS may work. However in more sever cases I can’t imagine it’s success rate is good long term.

    The reality? There is no single solution that works for everyone. A herniated disc in two people can behave and cause very different clinical presentations. You need a comprehensive care plan that addresses all issues such as disc, nerve compression, muscle function and other soft tissue.

  4. After reading your review, I would like to point out some key “differences” that you failed to mention. Your background is working with the muscular system, I.e. personal trainer and massage therapist. The DRX9000 is designed to separate the vertebra’s at the level of disk involvement, thus removing the affected disk from the spinal cord/nerve. Upon doing so, nerve flow improves to the affected areas allowing the muscles to operate at their optimum level, removing any hyper/hypo facilitation. Granted, their are cases that in which muscles are the direct cause of sciatica, such as piriformis syndrome, but that is usually 10% of the population. The DRX is best used with a stretching program to help alleviate and strengthen low back and neck issues related to vertebral disks. Does it always work, NO! When it does, does it cure the problem for life, No! Is it a way to return to a normal life, pain free, surgery free, drug free for an unknown amount of time, Definitely! Your reasoning of the muscles not being linear with the spine is only valid to those who are promoting the DRX as a “stretching” machine, of which, they shouldn’t be using the DRX due to improper use. Please, keep doing the good work, because any alternative procedure deserves the utmost respect, but please don’t mislabel or mislead the public based on incorrect misinformation.

  5. I had horrible sciatica pain for over a year, I tried everything! I could not sit,or walk without pain. . I finally went to go to the hospital in an ambulance.I had herniated discs 3&4. All I got were prescriptions for pain pills.. and one cortizone shot.

    Then a year later a flyer came in the mail, about the drx 9000 machine…I went and this machine Saved My Life.. I went in for 30 treatments and was back to work in 30 days with no pain and no pain pills. Yes it was expensive but worth every penny.. It’s been 5 yrs since then and I haven’t been to a doctor since. I’m 70yrs old now.
    Yes I endorse this.

  6. I have severe sciatica where I cannot stand or walk for more than three minutes before numbness and throbbing pain hits my left leg. A chiropractor and regular general practitioner didn’t help, so I went for a consultation on this DRX9000 therapy. The doctor told me it was 24 sessions and $4000, which isn’t covered by insurance. That figures. I have to go back to work soon and am really worried. Since I can’t afford this treatment, what should I do? Go for acupuncture?

    • Victoria,
      The drx guy told me something similar as he told you. What made me upset was the
      idea of not knowing whether it would work until paying all that money.
      Active Isolated Stretcphing treatment is the best option for sciatica. After one or two
      long sessions (four hours each), you should be able to make your own decision. I’m not saying AIS will be cheap. But its more honest than that drx sales pitch – after spending 4,000 dollars you will feel a difference. That’s a bunch of crap! Its just a form
      traction therapy. You need to open the psoas, piriformis, and hip rotator muscles.
      And traction alone is not going to do that.

    • To Lee Clark,

      For which are you seeking more info: Active Isolated Stretching or DRX9000? If you seek more info for “DRX9000” than I would put those terms into a google search. Good luck.
      Anthony Ohm

  7. 1999, after consulting a physiatrist,4 different chirop.’s and recieving theraphy from each with out success in healing my lower back pain caused by compressed disk problems and scoliosis, I found a chrio. pract. who had a decompression instrument(equipment). After reviewing all my x-rays and performing other diagnostic test I was Rx’d Spinal. Decomp. Went in 5 dys a week for 1 month for 1/2 hour sessions. The time under decompresion allowed for blood flow to clear up inflamation and pain was relieved. Followed with physical therapy at this office I was able to return to my optometric practice for 5 more years to retirement. Other wise I would have had to retire earlier. It works for the right back problems and I am grateful for the doctor and procedure that helped me. I highly recommend it if your chirop. feels you are a candidate.

  8. Spinal decompression therapy is not exactly traction. I’ve had both and the feeling is completely different. When was on traction (in the 80’s) my back was very tense and taught during the procedure where as the decmopression table i felt completely relaxed during the session. Although, my chiropractor had me doing many other therapies along with it like core rehabilitation on a machine called ATM2 which helped strengthen my core. And I definitely don’t agree with what you said about if it worked it would work for everybody. That’s definitely not true. All the ‘conventional’ therapies that supposedly work didn’t work for me at all and this worked for me.

    • I’m glad that spinal decompression has helped you with your low back pain. I recognize that it does help some people with their back pain. Still, I don’t think its as great as proponents claim it to be. On the other hand,
      its got to work some of the time, otherwise the company would never sell any machines.
      Traction is a technique that uses pulling to lengthen the body. It is used in a variety of methods including manual traction, assisted stretching, the inversion table, or the DRX9000. Perhaps, you meant to say that you tried the inversion table in the 80’s? Maybe the inversion table didn’t work for you, but the DRX9000 did. Whether it works or doesn’t work, the DRX9000 machine is just another form of traction. Yes, its more gentle than the inversion table as you may have indicated.
      And your point about working for everybody? What I wrote about the DRX9000 is that its easy for the chiropractor to administer. Just place the client in the machine and if it worked, it would be great for everybody. That means if the DRX9000 was highly effective, it would not only be great for the patient and but great for the chiropractor too because the chiropractor doesn’t have to do anything. Here’s the quote:
      “The great thing for the chiropractor is if they can sell a series to a client, its passive income. The client just lays on the machine table and the chiropractor does nothing.
      If it worked, it would be great for everybody.
      For some people it may work.
      I do not endorse it.”

  9. Yes, I see your point regarding the decompression (traction device). Traction has been around for a long time, but what has happened in terms of research into back pain and prevention have surpassed just plain traction. Chiropractic manipulation has been proven to be effective for low back pain. Without rehabilitation for core strengthening and increased endurance for the back muscles you will be right back where you started. I think patients would benefit more from Chiropractic manipulations coupled with advanced rehabilitation of the spine.

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