Active Isolated Stretching Blog

 Active Isolated Stretching Blog


ResolveYourPain website is a dedicated Active Isolated Stretching Blog.

The benefits and applications of Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening are discussed.

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4 Responses to Active Isolated Stretching Blog

  1. If I have issues C1-C3 would these stretches be considered dangerous? Also, what is your opinion on bouncing on a therapy ball to “pump” blood to buldged discs to help them heal?

    • Hi Jodi A.,
      My upper body video series would be appropriate for the cervical issues that you are experiencing.
      There are some exercises on the upper body video that may not be good for someone with herniated discs in the cervical region, including C1, C2, and C3.
      On the instructional video, I note in the subtitles, which exercises you have to be cautious of doing. On those exercises, you can ignore those exercises or do them very lightly to avoid any problems.

  2. I understand entirely the stretching of the supporting of the neck muscles first before strengthening. Would I include strengthening after those supporting muscles have been lengthened which could be weeks, or within the same session following stretches?

    • Hi Veronica D.,
      I would recommend doing the AIS upper body video first and seeing how you feel. Check to see if you are sore the following day. If you are sore the following day, then that means that you exerted too much force on the stretching exercises. Give yourself some time to find that right balance of lengthening the target muscles without over stretching. Also, please note: the ideal number of repetitions to do on each exercise is eight; not six as stated on the instructional video.
      Then depending on your range of motion, you can start immediately with the strengthening exercises. The motto is: lengthen then strengthen.